About Us

Rebecca Zeni, president and owner of SciMath Education, holds teaching certifications in physics and in chemistry. She graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelors of Science in physics and a minor in chemistry. She received her Masters in Science Education from DePaul University.

She has conducted research in chemistry and nuclear physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Claremont Colleges, where she was a contributing author to a published article on self-assembling monolayers.

Rebecca was instrumental in the founding of two private schools.  As the science department chair for the school in the Midwest, she wrote all curricula for an integrated math and science program as well as taught the freshman and junior classes.  At the start-up school in Connecticut, she wrote and designed the science curriculum and taught chemistry and math.  She has also worked at Bespoke Education, the premier boutique tutoring firm in New York City. She tutored chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, physical science, the ISEE, ACT, SAT and SAT2 subject test to clients in Manhattan, Riverdale, Greenwich and Westchester County.

Rebecca has experience with a wide range of students. She has worked with several young professional athletes, who often miss in-class instruction, to keep them current in their classes. She has also worked with students who have a variety of learning challenges, including individuals with processing difficulties, oral-processing deficiencies and those on the autistic spectrum. Rebecca understands each student presents a unique opportunity and tailors her tutoring style accordingly.

The value of math and science goes far beyond the classroom. Mastery builds the critical thinking and problem-analysis skills that are critical for success in education now and business later. Rebecca believes that with support and commitment, all students can excel in their math and science classes, increase scores on standardized tests, feel confident in their academic abilities, and improve their analytical and abstract thinking.

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