Tip for Students: At Home Organization

Establishing a home study area is just as important as organizing your stuff for school. Nobody wants to spend longer than required on homework, but without realizing it, you’ll take longer just looking for materials. Find a place in your home where you’re comfortable and there are no distractions from family.

• Load this quiet space with a separate pencil case, calendar, computer, writing space and bookshelf for homework.
• Have some snacks stored in this desk, because doing your homework may get you hungry. There should be no distractions and everything you need should be close in hand.

Develop good habits. Establish routines to maintain your set-up systems. Come up with a set time to do your homework every day, and put it back in your backpack when you are done. Put everything you will need for the next day in your backpack the night before, and set out your clothing and any extras and things you will need. Consult your planner often, and check on, maintain, and alter your organization system when needed.