Back to School: Tips on how to stay organized

The summer has come to an end and now it is time to get back into a regular school routine. Back to school time can be an exciting time to reconnect with friends and start fresh in a new grade. Every new school year comes with new responsibilities, increased expectations, but the secret to staying on top of it all is to stay organized. Follow these 4 tips to staying organized.

1. Using a Planner

Obtain and use a planner. A planner is an indispensable tool for middle and high school. Its pages can hold homework assignments, doctor’s appointments, club meetings, sports practices, parties, and more.

  • The ideal planner is neat and organized and gives you a quick and easy way to see your schedule and assignments for the day, week, and month. Some schools give out or sell planners (these often contain useful school information), and a lot require you to have one. Even if your school does not, go buy one of your own- it is a valuable tool for every student.

Write things down so you don’t forget them. Now that you have your planner, use it! A planner is a tool–it needs to be used to be effective. Anytime something comes up, or when you have homework to do, write it down in your planner. Consult your planner every night to see if you have to prepare for any upcoming events and to see what homework you have due.