SAT math tips, formulas and concepts students should memorize

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A good way to memorize formulas is to memorize that as both text and image. Convert the formula into text, memorize the text by saying it out loud to yourself and copying it out as a mathematical fo

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Spring semester tips for students

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1. Prep for College Follow college prep checklists to get ahead of the game on your college preparations. Every Thursday, check SciMath Education’s blog for weekly tips on test preparation and

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Build Confidence

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One key test-taking strategy that teachers can incorporate in the classroom is building confidence in their students. Teachers may find it helpful to spend some time on counterbalancing all of the

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Transform Your PSAT Score Into an SAT Game Plan

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Transform Your PSAT Score Into an SAT Game Plan Students can use newly released PSAT scores to create an SAT study plan right away, while the content is still fresh. U.S. News & World Report

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Give them strategies for when they want to give up

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Many students have feelings of frustration when they are given a test. If you are a teacher consider these encouraging strategies that could help your students succeed. Teach them how to “chunk

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Show them the data and set individual goals

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Ownership is a huge part of success. Have each student examine their previous scores, setting goals that they agree to reach for. Break things down into concrete chunks. If students see that only

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Study your data and model how to use it formatively

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Teachers, do not be scared to analyze your own data. Use it to make prepping more efficient. Read and understand the data about your prior and current students. Determine your lessons not on what yo

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Test prep doesn’t have to be overwhelming: Teach them to speak test

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The language used on exams is unlike any other language. Break down the more unspecific terms that educators sometimes take for granted. It may also be helpful to make a list of the most common wo

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Test Prep doesn’t have to be overwhelming: Use technology in a targeted way

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Testing for the ACT and SAT are just around the corner. Schools nationwide are planning for additional meetings, sending out automated voice messages to families that reminds students to “get some

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Check out this cool Japanese multiplication using lines!

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    Check out the video below [playlist type="video" ids="947"]

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