Don’t drastically change your routine

The end of the year maybe a hectic time for many high school students. Students not only are preparing for final exams, but also for the final testing sessions of the year for the SAT and ACT.

The pressure is on when it comes to impressing colleges and universities with both strong test scores and GPA’s. If you are a student you may ask yourself how do I avoid letting the pressure get to me? Remember, excelling on the ACT or SAT requires a different approach than other exams, partly because of the nuances of the standardized test environment and format. Here are a few tips for students.

Don’t Drastically Change Your Routine
Test day for the SAT and ACT is no ordinary day, so do not make things more complicated than necessary. Remember, you are going to a new test site with unfamiliar surroundings and a new type of exam so stick with as much of your comfortable, familiar daily routine as possible to minimize fallout.

Of course, some aspects of test day prevent you from treating it as a totally normal day, which is why it can help to simulate the SAT or ACT test day experience beforehand so you know exactly what you are getting into. SciMath Educations Mock Test program is a great way to go through specific procedures for the ACT or SAT, so when test day comes around you will be able to repeat those same habits, ultimately making yourself more comfortable. Register here for a mock exam.