Mock Testing

Mock Testing

SciMath Education offers mock testing for students taking standardized tests.  We attempt to replicate the testing process and environment to enable students to experience actual test conditions.  We offer regular and extended time testing. We also tailor testing to specific concerns or challenges upon request. Mock testing is offered several Saturdays each month at our River North Office.

Why Mock Test?

Practice Practice Practice: Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. It works for standardized testing.

Establishing a routine: Every student uses a different method for success.  Mock Testing allows students to figure out their best routine for bedtime, breakfast and other activities to prepare for test day.

Lose the Anxiety: Knowing that schools use tests for entrance consideration, many students get anxious or feel extra pressure. Going through the test without the burden of consequences helps students gain confidence.

Using What They Learn: Mock Testing allows students to use the skills they are learning in their tutoring sessions.  Practicing these strategies during their mock test make them far more ready.

Timing: One of the biggest challenges is finishing on time. Mock testing enables students to  learn the pacing they need to concentrate on and complete each question.

Know your score: Having the opportunity to mock test allows students to know the range they are scoring. They will know whether they are near their target score and what steps to take if they seek improvement.

Endurance:  Tests are draining, both physically and psychologically. Building endurance and stamina are critical to being successful.

Personalizing Test Prep: Mock testing allows our tutors to evaluate each student’s progress and tailor a curriculum to focus on his or her individual needs.