Spring semester tips for students

1. Prep for College

Follow college prep checklists to get ahead of the game on your college preparations. Every Thursday, check SciMath Education’s blog for weekly tips on test preparation and getting ahead.

2. Seniors, Complete Your FAFSA

If you need assistance, check out FAFSA homepage.

3. Juniors, Consider AP Classes

Juniors, now is the time to consider adding advanced placement courses to your senior year schedule. Be sure to plan ahead and take advantage of them.

4. Apply for Scholarships

Fastweb’s 2018 list of scholarships might be a great start.

5. Save, Save, Save!

This year, save more. You’re going to need some savings to pay for things you need for college, such as books, housing, and food. It all adds up and you’ll be grateful you planned ahead once you’re there.

6. Stay Motivated

Easier said than done, but losing focus toward the end of the year is a huge problem that can impact your grades and college admission.

7. Steer Clear of Known Setbacks

Now that you have a fresh start, there’s no point in looking back. Make sure you steer clear of second-semester setbacks, like losing focus, assuming you’re all set for college or slacking off in your courses. Remember, everything counts until the very last day of high school!