Tackle the ACT the second time: Dedicate the time

For many students, one of the biggest challenges they face is simply finding the time to commit to preparing for the ACT on a regular basis. With their academic obligations, extracurricular activities and other responsibilities, finding the time to test prep have become more difficult.

Prep time can vary from prospective college students. There are several factors to consider when preparing to retake the ACT such as the original score and how high you want your score to increase. For example, a student who has a composite score of 27 but wants to increase their score by one or two points may only need to dedicate a few weeks to reach their desired score. But, students who want to increase their score by five or more points will need to dedicate significantly more amount of time for test prep.

We recommend students to take enough mock tests to get close to their desired score before retaking the real exam.

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