Tips for busy parents

Do you panic when your child comes home from school asking for help with his or her science fair project? Do you ever wonder how you can help your child learn science? You are NOT alone.

Many parents—especially those who didn’t pursue careers in science—may be apprehensive, sometimes even fearful, about this endeavor. We commend you for your desire to help guide and support your children in their education, specifically in the field of science. Science is a way of understanding the world, a perspective, and a pattern of thinking that begins in the very early years. That is why parent involvement is so important in a child’s science education. Check out this quick tip for parents to

See science everywhere. Parents can take opportunities to ask “What would happen if …?” questions or present brainteasers to encourage children to be inquisitive and seek out answers. Children need to know that science isn’t just a subject, but it is a way of understanding the world around us.