Understand the stakes, but don’t fret

The pressure to excel on the SAT or ACT can be high – but students must find a healthy balance between understanding the test’s importance and ensuring they don’t push themselves too hard. While attaining great test scores is certainly a goal worth going after, pressuring yourself to an unhealthy point is unlikely to help you get there. Don’t forget that you can take the test multiple times, and most people do. Just try your best and don’t let the test environment or any small missteps get the better of you.

This is another time when being prepared comes into play. We advised arriving at the test site early to help alleviate any extra stress. Nothing stresses someone out more than being late. Additionally, if you’re not there at the correct time, you might not be able to take the test. Leave your day wide open, show up early and put yourself in the best position you can to do well on the exam.

Remember, the more practice exams you take the more comfortable you will be on during the real exam. SciMath Education offers mock testing for students taking standardized tests several Saturdays out of the month.  We attempt to replicate the testing process and environment to enable students to experience actual test conditions.

Learn more about our mock testing program here.